Camera calibration using OpenCV


Being not ideal, all cameras distort their images. Usually, it’s not so important and can be even funny. But if your image analysis requires quite precise images, you should take care about calibrating your camera to remove distortions. Continue reading…

Who is Data Science Engineer?

Who is Data Science Engineer, and is there any difference between them and Data Scientists? Your answer to this question is an indicator of success or failure of your Data Science project. Continue reading…

Passed Udemy course about TensorFlow


Completed Udemy course Complete Guide to TensorFlow for Deep Learning with Python.

Visualize missing values in R


Data quality is extremely important for analysis, modeling, and predictions. Using plot_missing() function, you can quickly estimate quality of your data. Continue reading…

Configuring Machine Learning Services in SQL Server 2017


In order to operationalize freshly installed SQL Server 2017 Machine Learning Services, we can spend quite a few hours (or days). I hope this article will help you to save your time. Continue reading…

Jupyter Notebook R Kernel for Microsoft R Open


Have you ever tried to add an R Kernel to Jupyter Notebook, having installed R Tools for Visual Studio? If tried, you know that this is not a piece of cake. I’ll show you how to do this. Continue reading…

My Toolkit for Anomaly Detection


Life is full of surprises. Our goal is to make a distinction between them and “normal” behavior. That is called Anomaly Detection. In fact, anomalies are most interesting things in Data Analysis. And it is always good to have a set of handy tools for that at hand. Here is my toolkit. Continue reading…

Temperature Sensor for Windows 10 IoT Core


I know it is not a rocket science to connect a sensor to your computer and read its measurements. But if you haven’t been doing it before, I will show you a simple experiment with a Raspberry Pi and a temperature sensor. Continue reading…

Got the Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Data Science!


R pairs chart in Power BI


As a rule, we are using Power BI to present our findings, creating dashboards or reports. But Microsoft Power BI can be useful on the stage of initial exploratory data analysis as well. Continue reading…